The Medical Autocracy is Here – DoD Vax Mandate, Pt. 2

I have a story to share; I don't know if it matters or not. Twenty-two years ago I was an active duty Marine Corps Captain, (Mk. 1, Mod0, Type A, 1 ea.) I was in the middle of the 10-week Naval Justice School Course for new judge advocates-to-be. It was one of the...

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DoD COVID Vax Mandate Info – Part 1 – 21 Aug 2021

If you're an active duty, active Reserve, Title 32 servicemember (part of the Total Force) subject to the upcoming DoD Mandatory Covid Vaccine Shitshow, and you've found your way here looking for information about it - Welcome! You're in the right place. Grab your...

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Statism in America: A Two-Branch Tree of Woe

I intentionally used the word “Statism” in place of “Socialism” in the title to this piece because no matter what anybody ever says “socialism” is, it isn’t that; that being whichever most-recently-failed flavor of Marxism has descended into an authoritarian dystopia...

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