I have a story to share; I don’t know if it matters or not.

Twenty-two years ago I was an active duty Marine Corps Captain, (Mk. 1, Mod0, Type A, 1 ea.) I was in the middle of the 10-week Naval Justice School Course for new judge advocates-to-be. It was one of the bigger classes, about 55 of us, as I recall. In addition to “regular” attorneys, who had decided either in law school or right after to become military judge advocates, our class included a crop of ‘prior service’ judge advocates. This is a longstanding program in which the services hold competitive selection boards for a handful of line officers each year – perhaps 4 funded slots, and 4 non-funded – to military officers in regular military specialities to go to law school on a scholarship and then return to “the Fleet” – i.e. the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, as judge advocates – military lawyers. Our class had some shipdrivers, a couple of helicopter pilots (including myself), etc. Like my good friend and classmate Phil Stackhouse, who had been a Marine infantry officer (and an enlisted infantryman even before that!) – and many others. Some very cool folks.

After it ended and I was sworn into the Bar – having finally gotten my results in October of ’99 – off to Okinawa my family went. One of the first cases I got as a brand new criminal defense attorney was a cluster of young Marines and sailors who had refused the controversial anthrax vaccine. I had no idea how it would change the course of my life and my relationship with my own government. The anthrax vaccine immunization program was a patently illegal order shoved down the throats of US servicemembers. I helped behind the scenes of the litigation that proved that point to the satisfaction of the federal judge in Doe v. Rumsfeld I in 2003 (and maybe some of the appellate stuff later on, too, I can’t recall; it was a busy time in my life). I knew that order was illegal the minute I read 10 USC §1107; I couldn’t get a single person – or judge – to listen to me, and juries convicted my clients and they went to the brig. Some of them got bad paper, either BCD’s or OTH’s. I spent years in civilian practice writing petitions to the Boards for Correction of Records (of all of the services) trying to get some of those servicemembers’ discharges upgraded. Even AFTER the federal court had ruled, the Boards refused to admit the military had discharged people for refusing to follow an illegal order. i.e. Having the courage to stand up for what they knew was right and being punished for it, even while the were castigated, made fun of, made the object of derision by some of their shipmates (not all, but some), but worse yet, by their commanders.

It pissed me off enough that I wrote a book about it (back then) – in 2000, before 9/11. And the anthrax letter attacks a week later.

When I was researching the book, one of the things that struck me as I dug in was that what happened with the anthrax vaccine wasn’t anywhere near the first time this had happened. The statute, 10 USC §1107, prohibits anyone except the President of the United States from vitiating or violating a servicemember’s right to informed consent – to not being coerced into taking experimental or unapproved medications, vaccines, or other unnecessary medical treatments. In researching why there would even need to be a statute to codify what I thought had been a well-established legal principle that came out of the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trials, I found that our government has a rather long, deliberate, deceitful history of inflicting medical experiments on our troops with no accounting ever have taken place for any of it. These aren’t conspiracy theories, these are well-documented facts from Senate Reports, and even Supreme Court cases.

My grandfather’s generation had “atomic veterans,” servicemen from different branches who were exposed to the radiation of atomic detonations without their consent. There was MKULTRA, a joint CIA-Army initiative run from the 60s and 70s in which unwitting subjects were given LSD because of Agency and military concerns about communist “brainwashing” done on US POWs during Korea. (This is where movies such as the “Manchurian Candidate” tapped into the public zeitgeist). The Director of the CIA admitted this on live television in 1977 to a shocked Nation… and nothing else happened. No single government official was fired, no one went to jail, no one even was charged, nor dragged before the public, put in stockades, and pelted with rotten fruit, or tarred and feathered. In 1987, Stanley Robinson, a Vietnam veteran who had been experimented upon in that exact program and learned of it later on in his life, finally had his case heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. In a 5-4 opinion authored by that wonderful “conservative” justice, Antonin Scalia, the Feres doctrine was reaffirmed, holding that soldiers cannot sue their superiors under the Federal Tort Claims Act, even when the case had nothing to do with his superiors at all. He was medically experimented upon, lured under false pretenses in what must be considered a war crime or crime against humanity, or the Doctors Trials at Nuremberg were nothing more than victor’s justice. It can’t be that it’s okay for us because, “I mean, psshh, We’re not Nazis; we’re not like that.” Either the principle stands as to us or it’s not a principle.

The US government has shit on its veterans almost continuously, despite even the volunteerism that allowed the Nation to win what was unquestionably the high water mark for human destruction, World War 2. My grandfather volunteered at the age of 24, with two kids at home. He wound up carrying a bazooka into the Wehrmacht in response to Hitler’s last breakout attempt, what would come to be known as the Battle of the Bulge. They liberated a death camp on the way and had no doubt about whose cause was just. Within 15 years we were in Korea and then Vietnam. MKULTRA and Agent Orange. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs denied for years that there was any connection between Agent Orange, a defoliant sprayed on huge swaths of the Vietnamese jungle with US troops operating there, and the range of medical problems that many troops who served there had. Agent Orange was a known carcinogen but the “scientific consensus” was delayed long enough that by the time the VA finally caved and admitted there was “sufficient evidence” a whole bunch of that population had died. Thankfully, my dad was an airmen and got sent to Panama for a little while instead of Vietnam. I was born the year he got out and named after a SSGT whom my father admired and looked up to who had mentored him during his 3 years of service.

In the Gulf War, the DoD leaned on the FDA hard to get a waiver of the right to informed consent, lied about what they would do, and then a free-for-all of drugs and vaccines were given to US servicemembers without their consent during the first episode in the Persian Gulf. The most plausible study I saw for explaining “Gulf War Syndrome” was a result of the drug interaction between the pyrodostigmine bromide (PB) tablets that had been given to troops as a pre-treatment for suspected sarin gas attack (which never happened, and the Iraqis didn’t have) and the DEET or permethrine that was soaked into the utility uniforms for the desert to keep the sand fleas and the like off of the troops. Evidently PB blocks an enzyme produced by the skin that breaks that toxin down. Yet another own goal for the Department of Defense against its own troops health and well-being, much less their rights to basic human dignity. Nobody volunteers thinking they have now subjected themselves to medical experiment at the whim of Army doctors. Sorry, but the old joke about military justice is just as applicable to military medicine: “Military music is to music, what military medicine is to medicine.”

My generation got the anthrax vaccine, but now there was a statute that was supposed to protect servicemembers and didn’t. No one ever held accountable for that, either. At this point, why would they expect to be? Qualified immunity, government contractor immunity, the former FDA Commissioner (2017-19) Scott Gottleib is now on the Board of Directors at Pfizer, the most recent one Stephen Hahn (Trump guy!), is now on the Board of the VC firm that started Moderna – Hey! Nothing to see here!! Absolutely 100% LEGIT. I mean, what do you think the pay raise is if you go from being a civil service executive to the Board of the 33rd largest company on the planet? There’s certainly no financial incentive that might make someone compromise their 100% golden, pure government, dedicated civil servant, made-of-finer-clay principles than those greedy capitalists, eh, comrade?

Now you’re going to get your immune system on a Pfizer End User Agreement, 4 month boosters, just like your Windows antivirus software updates. Except no vaccine can beat your immune system and no vaccine was going to ever beat 99.997% efficacy – that’s the Infection Fatality Rate for the 18-29 year old age group, which comprises most young servicemembers. The FDA will beat its chest about COVID fatalities and stomp around on the graves of 610,000 people who died “from” Covid, but say nothing about the statistics that really matter if we’re going to have adult public health discussions. 95% of those deaths were people with multiple “co-morbidities.” The median age of death for this virus is roughly 80; that’s a year and change longer than the current US average life-expectancy. If I were as dishonest as the FDA and CDC I’d say that Covid makes you live longer, see!?! #IFL LYINGWITHSTATS

The population at risk is the morbidly obese. I worked as CrossFit’s General Counsel for eight plus years. I traveled the world for a decade watching CrossFit gym owners and trainers reverse all of the illnesses associated with excessive carbohydrate consumption (i.e. the “co-morbidities” of which we are speaking in regards to Covid). I even did it in China, acting as the CEO of CF China for its start-up period. The only country that has higher rates of Type II diabetes is China. the International Diabetes federal did finger-sticks on 90,000+ Chinese citizens and ran the data. China has 500MM pre-diabetics. (Yes, that number is correct, look it up – a half of a billion people). They don’t have as much obesity as here, however – some of their bad eating habits (that they’ve adopted from us, particularly the liquid HFCS habit) – can be hidden by high levels of activity. But they know – I know because government officials spoke to me about it. They had heard my old boss, Greg Glassman, telling them about how it could be fixed with diet and exercise. Every medical journal will cite those same two things: this isn’t a mystery. Something like 1.8MM people in the US die each year from the diseases associated with too little movement and too much crappy food. I saw a headline the other day that the percentage of obese kids had now shot up to something like 45%. But we should definitely trust our health to the “public health experts.”

On their watch there has been an unprecedented decrease in every possible US health metric. Look it up. Were we fitter or fatter in 1950 vs. now? 1960? 1970? Notice how as you move along by decade, it doesn’t get better. If you looked at all of the interventions by government into the “public health” domain, you would find a direct correlation between dollars spent on “public health” and worsening health outcomes by almost any metric. We don’t have less cancer, less heart disease, less high blood pressure, but we’ve got untold trillions in pharmaceutical dollars being made through our healthcare-by-pill-and-jab system. So the experts told us to shut down gyms as non-essential, with zero proof any gym was ever the cause of a “mythical (i.e. bullshit) “superspreader” event, as opposed to, say, liquor stores… Essential. And then there’s the Cuomo Killings – we now know Hizzoner lied about the numbers of deaths of elderly New Yorkers, to the tune of at least 10,000 New York octogenarians… maybe more. All while he was feted as a hero by the Media and wrote a book about his “leadership” during the pandemic.

And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the mask/no-mask insanity and hypocrisy. Of how only certain kinds of protests and in-person events spread these viruses, some are…. how do we say… “more equal than others?” Or how the virus only attacks if you’re walking, but not sitting, and you have to pretend that the people with mental illness who are asking you to swallow this insanity are TOTALLY ABOUT THE SCIENCE, YOU BIGOT!? I’m glad to see that my inner city black friends are holding the line on this issue and refusing to get vaccinated. The Tuskegee Experiment wasn’t that long ago for them. Cling to your history, my friends. Nothing good comes of any of this.

The US government has f***ed up every vaccine rollout in its history. Not one time has it gone without some poor innocent people getting killed. During the polio epidemic:

In April 1955 more than 200,000 children in five Western and mid-Western USA states received a polio vaccine in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective. Within days there were reports of paralysis and within a month the first mass vaccination programme against polio had to be abandoned. Subsequent investigations revealed that the vaccine, manufactured by the California-based family firm of Cutter Laboratories, had caused 40,000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10.

In 1976, a novel swine flu epidemic hit our country. Well, almost. (I’ll give you one guess where it originated from).

After Private David Lewis collapsed and died during a basic training exercise at New Jersey’s Fort Dix on February 4, 1976, an investigation into the 19-year-old’s premature death identified a long-dormant, but notorious killer as the cause.

Blood tests conducted at the Center for Disease Control revealed that Lewis had contracted a type of swine flu thought at the time to be genetically close to the 1918 influenza mislabeled the “Spanish flu,” which claimed the lives of more than 650,000 Americans and as many as 50 million around the globe. Eleven other soldiers at Fort Dix tested positive for swine flu, but recovered—while hundreds more at the base tested positive for swine flu antibodies. The New York Times reported on its front page that the “virus that caused the greatest world epidemic of influenza in modern history—the pandemic of 1918-19—may have returned.”

Sound familiar yet? In response, our stalwarts in government – along with the pharmaceutical/biologics industry – rushed out a vaccine under emergency laws and in 6 months, President Ford rolled up his sleeve to show the Nation they needed to get the jab. Celebrities endorsed it in ads run by the government. 43MM US citizens got the vaccine – almost a quarter of the population. Then the cases of Guillian Barre syndrome started being reported, about 300-500, along with roughly 25-35 deaths. The program was shut down and the novel swine flu (from China) didn’t do much of anything. Healthy US Immune System 1 – Novel Chinese Flu Viruses – 0. Of course, the same thing had happened less than a decade earlier during Woodstock. A novel Chinese virus of some kind was running rampant – and no one much cared. (Healthy US Immune System actually was up 2-0).

When the FDA lies, it’s not with the number of deaths – it’s with who actually died. They’ll pound on the number of deaths all day long (!!! 610-thousand!!! Do you want to kill grandma?!!?) to justify inoculating a population for whom it poses no risk at all. Of the 610K who died, 95% had multiple co-morbidities. Another way of saying that is that in two years Covid-19 has killed 5% of 610,000 =~ 30,500 relatively healthy people. Or 15,250 otherwise healthy people (theoretically) per year. So, our “public health experts” collapsed the economy, destroyed small businesses, shut down gyms and other places where you can get healthy, including youth sports, shut down schools, collected their government sinecures, gave away trillions of tax dollars to an artificially induced unemployment, revealed big swaths of our population as panicking Nazi hypochondriacs who can’t do basic math, and have now sold our immune systems to vaccine companies, all for a virus that poses less of a threat to a healthy person than the vast majority of daily activities they engage in. Car accidents kill about 40K per year – usually it’s heathy folks. Doctor screw-ups are the third leading cause of death in this country – anywhere from 250K to 400K per year – but we don’t shut down doctors. Maybe we ought to at least consider easing up on ceding all of our rights to an industry that kills as many as it does.

This virus comes nowhere near the destruction of cars for healthy people, or a whole host of other activities (alcohol) that we do not cede all of our rights for, nor collapse our economy for. Almost 3 million people die every year from a variety of causes; the vast majority of those from “chronic disease” – i.e. from doing things that we all know they shouldn’t do, but they won’t stop. Our new medical socialism puts the burdens of all of those bad decisions on those of us who had no say in their actions, but now we must reap the consequences by being forced to take an experimental jab that has put the VAERS system on tilt, with thousands of deaths being reported to the system, more than double what’s ever come from the entire collection of vaccines in 30 years of VAERS reporting. And the medical bureaucrats and their bots will be out in force to shout over the top of anyone who points this out – you’ll be removed from Twitter, or Youtube, or Facebook. ‘Cuz we wouldn’t want people getting “misinformation” about this pandemic… which we now know is a almost certainly a result of Anthony Fauci’s illicit laundering of $3.3. million of your tax dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, through his pal Peter Darszak at “EcoHealth Alliance.” Those same trustworthy lads who violated federal law and likely caused the deaths of millions worldwide are also the people in charge of telling us whether we can eat in public with a mask or not. (Not for them, of course. Never for those “leaders” and dedicated “public servants.” How many more times do you have to see them out and about – in places you’re not allowed – with no masks before you’ll stop playing the fool?) And we have to then pretend that there is legal legitimacy to the FDA; courts will give them “Chevron Deference” while they collect checks for the patents they now own on your body.

The United States right now is in the grip of a media-induced, government-driven medical crime against its own people. All the Chinese had to was create a virus that targets fat people and the elderly, yell “PANDEMIC,” and then claim China stopped it all by locking people in their homes, and the veneer of western values was peeled away like cheap shellack in the rain. Politicians and their medical bureaucrats decreed themselves the saviors whether the plebes wanted them to be or not, and their solution was to frighten their subjects, destroy small businesses, and get the Media to keep trumpeting the medical hysteria. And the whole artifice of individual rights collapsed, just like that.

My final thought for my fellow Citizens is to let you know that it won’t stop. It will never stop. When roughly a third of the population is obese, and you scrape together the Karens, and the autocrats who are always looking for an excuse to control others, you get to where we are. Healthy people are now at the whim of the obese; soldiers are being forced to wear different colored wristbands – red for unvaxxed, green for vaxxed – Marines are getting page 13s for refusing to be a part of this experiment, a pregnant female Navy officer is going to lose her career because she won’t take the risk associated with sticking a novel mRNA injectable into her body right before she’s about to give birth, senior enlisted folks are not going to be allowed to retire even though they’re over 18 years of service, because they’re going to be coerced, compelled, leaned on, have their rights violated, and some of them will get sick with myocardidtis, myopericarditis, autoimmune disorders, all in support of the medical theocracy that believes at root that it owns them – and you. The kids come next, folks. Don’t doubt it for a moment – and the Supreme Court will be right there to cheer it on – those are government experts, and there is nothing the Supreme Court will do to protect your rights vs. the medical theocracy’s graduates from those same fine educational institutions where they all go. It doesn’t end until you all finally say enough and start holding people accountable.

So what does that mean?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these [States]; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present [federal government] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

We have everything our Founding Fathers fought a Revolution to eliminate. We have secret trials in FISA courts, lack of due process, Asset Forfeiture, arbitrary arrests, spying on our own citizens, a complete destruction of the Fourth Amendment, an ongoing war against the Second, arbitrary distinctions among our people based upon skin color, a failed War on Drugs that provides massive opportunities for corruption of our public officials, and a government that fundamentally sees itself as the arbiter of our rights, and us nothing more than tax donkeys, to be beaten and whipped and harangued to produce, and stabbed and jabbed and un-personned by “private business” at government insistence, and silenced in derogation of our First Amendment rights when we complain by the American Pravda’s arbiters of truth. We have the President’s Press Secretary openly admitting to censoring “misinformation” on major media platforms. What First Amendment again?

The only end that doesn’t include bloodshed is massive civil disobedience. You, We, All of Us Who Know Better, have to stop apologizing; we have to stop playing the abused wife to the government’s drunk husband that each day has a new list of our offenses that we need to bow and scrape for. You are Children of a Loving God who gave you Life, and Unique Moral Dignity; no Man or Woman is above you, nor beneath you. No one has the right to violate your personal sovereignty because “PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS!!” We now live in a land of bounteous technology that if someone has such a phobia of life that they want to walk around in a gas mask all day long and breath only charcoal-filtered air, or even a frigging scuba tank, they can do that. They can live in a bubble if that’s what their level of risk tolerance is; we’ll all try to be understanding of people with those kinds of physical or emotional illnesses that compel them to act that way. But a country built upon a foundation of individual rights cannot, will not, survive if it can all be undone by unelected bureaucrats who claim an expertise that entitles them to destroy the entire edifice of our Constitution simply by screaming “PANDEMIC” and – aw, shucks – those same bureaucrats also happen to profit from it.

For the unvaxxed servicemembers who are being treated like the Nazis treated the tuberculosis sufferers, denied regular Leave and liberty because you won’t get the jab, excluded from eating chow with your brothers and sisters, treated like pariahs while you risk your life, it’s time to realize that this is what the DoD is now. The first justification for camps in Germany were those with infectious diseases like tuberculosis, followed by the mentally infirm/institutionalized, then the Romani gypsies, and then – after they shut off water and sanitation to the ghettos and created conditions that might lead to infectious outbreaks, the Jews. But we would never d- oh wait, that’s what LA county said it would do  to the “dirty unvaxxed” who dared to gather together, you know, like the First Amendment is supposed to protect. “The very idea of a government, republican in form, implies a right on the part of its citizens to meet peaceably for consultation in respect to public affairs and to petition for a redress of grievances.” U.S. v. Cruikshank (1876).

Get out. Take the bad paper. The risks from this mRNA garbage far outweighs the benefits to someone in your age group. Your immune system alone is cooking at 99.997% effectiveness. If you’re 30-40, I believe it’s 99.97% effective. If you’ve already had Covid-19, as many of us undoubtedly have, that’s a medical contraindication for getting a vaccine. For example, I will never get a chicken pox vaccine because I had those miserable itchy things as a kid. My immune system knows that virus all too well; there is NO REASON to inject that same stimulus into my body now and risk some kind of adverse reaction by my own immune system against a simulacrum of the real virus. The government’s obsession with injecting you with this novel mRNA technology, and lying about its necessity, its efficacy, trying to hide its adverse effects, calling for more boosters, having to admit it doesn’t actually protect you or prevent transmission, it’s all too much to swallow. Don’t do it. My heart breaks for all of you, but the DoD will jam this down your throat and into your system just like good Nazis; they always do. They’ll repeat any lie from the FDA and ignore anything that is contra their narrative. I lived it 20 years ago and I can’t believe I’m living it again today.

Submit your exemption requests. Tell them you don’t need it. Document how they’ve treated you. File Article 138 complaints. Name names. Don’t let history let these officials hide in anonymity and obscurity. Their perfidy, betrayal, and crimes should be documented for posterity to know.

Parents – lean on your politicians hard. Send them emails telling them that you will hate them with the burning hot fire in your heart of a thousand suns gone supernovae and you will never talk to anyone without mentioning how they sold out your son or daughter to Pfizer and the FDA (but I repeat myself). Tell them you’ll never stop working to see them removed, publicly shamed, and held to account for their cowardice during this time of need. Lobby hard for an amendment to the FY22 Nat’l Defense Authorization Act that would protect your son’s or daughter’s discharge status to nothing less than Honorable if they are discharged as a result of refusing this shot. That has already appeared in the House version and the Senate should take the DoD budget up shortly. Lean on those rat bastards hard. If that Amendment gets in the budget, it will be worth more than anything I could do in federal court or before a court-martial.

Make the DoD explain why there are 150,000 exemption requests. I don’t care if they keep saying it will be disapproved. Fine. Make them disapprove it. Make the General and the Chaplain and the Medical Officer sign their names to their crime. Don’t forget it, either.

Semper Fidelis,

Dale Saran, Major, USMCR (ret.)

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