“Systemic Racism” – A Play in Four Parts

I. An Apology... Sort of In light of my recent notoriety over my defense of my friend, Greg Glassman, I have received (mostly) supportive feedback, some mild disagreement, a correction, and several pieces of semi-literate, gibbering nonsense...Of course, it is to the...

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In Defense of Greg Glassman

CrossFit CEO and CrossFit community rift is reflective of larger split in these United States It starts with a tweet... Oy. Of course it does. I was Greg Glassman's lawyer for 8+ years at CrossFit. I was his first General Counsel and an early CrossFit Affiliate before...

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Chapter 22: Why, Indeed

If both individual and organizational greed largely describe the “Why” of Chapter 20, the final reason for the refusal to concede the low ground of the AVIP also falls under the broad category of “money,” but in the negative sense, rather than the positive one. In...

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Chapter 21: Back to Okinawa

I was stoic on the ride to the airport. It had nothing to do with emotional control; it was strictly a survival mechanism. While it had taken me some nine years to learn it, keeping my mouth shut was the smartest thing I learned to do when my wife and I fought. We...

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Chapter 20: Why?

As a mandatory, force-wide countermeasure to the real threat of weaponized anthrax on the battlefield, the vaccine effort is unrealistic. It expands and distorts the use of invasive, dated medical technology to address perceived weaknesses in detection technology and...

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