Chapter 13: Defense Delay

I sent out the judge’s ruling in Corporal Stonewall’s case to a list of people the same night the judge issued it. I was in despair. Now what would I do? Major Tom “Buzz” Rempfer, USAFR, was an Air Force Academy graduate, former F-16 pilot, then A-10 pilot, and flew...

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Chapter 12: The DoD ‘Evolves’ on the AVA

Mary PENDERGAST (FDA):  As I indicated to you, it was not the type or quantity of information we would have hoped for. SHAYS (R-CT): That's an understatement. PENDERGAST: It – it was.  We don't disagree with you. This was war. This was the first time, and it didn't...

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Chapter 11: United States versus Stonewall

“Are you ready?’  Justin and I collected our paperwork. I had defended Marines and sailors facing a lot more time or charged with much more serious crimes, yet I was more nervous than I had ever been before walking into court. “Hope so.” I muttered. I did not have my...

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Chapter 10: The Anthrax Vaccine Fails

The manufacturing process for Anthrax Vaccine is not validated.[i] The anthrax vaccine’s manufacturer has had an interesting ownership history, beginning in 1968 as the Michigan Department of Public Health (MDPH), a public entity that manufactured the earliest vaccine...

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