Chapter 3: The General Did What!?

“Hey D, you got a minute?” I looked up from behind my computer. I must have betrayed a look of impatience, because Justin looked back at me and said “What?” “I’m sorry, man. Sure, what’s on your mind?” I pushed back from my desk and he leaned against the wall, all...

On What It Means to Be a Marine on our 244th Birthday

I slammed on the brakes, sending Scott forward. He didn’t curse. He was reaching for his M4 as he looked up.
“Oh, fuck-”
I just nodded my head. Thirty yards in front of us, we could see the little flags in the ground, red and white, in neat rows, some rows completed, some not. Some entirely white, others a combination of red and white. It was part of the extensive United Nations mine-clearing effort in Afghanistan; I had driven us into an old Russian minefield and we were fully in it.